Treating Compulsive: Cybersex, Prostitutes, Chronic Affairs, Constant Fantasy, Phone Sex, Pornography, Love Addiction, Anonymous Sex, Internet Addiction

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Specializing in the treatment of alcohol, drug, and sex addiction issues
   Treating Compulsive:
  • Cybersex
  • Prostitutes
  • Chronic Affairs
  • Constant Fantasy
  • Phone Sex
  • Pornography
  • Love Addiction
  • Anonymous Sex
  • Internet Addiction
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For the Person Struggling with Compulsive Behavior
 No matter what substance or behavior we start out with, we all end up in the same place- in pain! It may feel good at first or be "fun," but then it starts hurting- your health, finances, job, and relationships. You try to "cut back" or stop, but you discover that you can't.

There are very powerful chemical and psychological reasons for why you are unable to quit. I can help you understand and resolve these issues. If you are ready to take back your life, call me.
For the Partner
 If you have recently discovered that your partner has a problem with alcohol, drug addiction, or sexually compulsive behavior, you are probably experiencing shock, hurt, fear, and confusion. This is not the person you thought you knew so well. Addiction is a powerful process that "hijacks" a person's will power and better judgment such that, even though he wants to stop, he can't.

I can help you understand and deal with this crisis in your life. Through individual and/or couples counseling, you can heal and rebuild your relationship.
New Book
 In Sammie Farroll, Dr. Elaine Brady has created a sympathetic character who expresses, through the genres of poetry, short stories and journaling, the horrors of inhabiting a childhood marred by abuse. Sammie, however, clearly possesses an innate resourcefulness and, as a result of being “forged in fire,” is bound to emerge as one fierce, kickass, compassionate, and gifted contributor to the world at large.

- Calder Lowe, Executive Editor, Dragonfly Press and author
of Holding the Light in Your Arms (Jacaranda Press)


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