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Online Class: “ Sex and Love Addiction: Public Education and Clinical Foundations ”
8 CE/MCEP Units through Alliant International University

Four, 2 hour public education presentations exploring the essential aspects of sex and co-sex addiction.  The presentations, and the accompanying downloadable material, offer a model for conducting public education workshops and for marketing specialized psychotherapy services.  Colorful power point slides, employing pictures ranging from the humorous to the emotional, provide succinct information while engaging and retaining audience interest.

www.ce-psychology.com Click on the “Addictions”  tab on left, then select “Sex and Love Addiction” 

Classes/Presentations/Trainings, 2016:

1/8 JFK Univ.- Internet Addiction: The Common Seductions that Adults Face, San Jose campus

5/14 CAMFT Conference, Cybersex Addiction: Assessment and Initial Treatment

5/21 Santa Clara- Ca. Psychological Assoc., Internet & Tech Compulsions: Dying to Connect

11/18 The Family Law Section of the San Mateo County Bar Association, From Click to Courtroom: The Legal Ramifications of Internet & Sex Addiction

Classes/Presentations/Trainings, 2015:

5/01 JFK Univ.- Internet Addiction: The Common Seductions that Adults Face, San Jose campus

6/27 JFK Univ.- Internet Dangers Children, Tweens and Teens Fall Prey To, San Jose campus

9/25 JFK Univ.-Bullying/Cyberbullying: How to Recognize the Warning Signs & Intervene, San Jose campus

11/15 CAMFT Symposium, Integration of Poetry Therapy in the Treatment of Trauma


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UC Berkeley School of Journalism (2015): Technology Pros and Cons for College Students

Sex Addiction (2015): A documentary film by Stephanie Dillon and Nicolas Roquefort-Villeneuve


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